Dr. Medina Culver Osteopath and Retreat Leader

Dr. Medina Culver Osteopath and Retreat Leader


Dr Medina Culver knows something about how to reclaim your personal power. She’s bold and vulnerable with sharing how she has repeatedly faced and overcome challenges. These challenges include pursuing a rigorous dream career to navigating the negotiations necessary for a messy divorce. She’s outspoken, honest, and humorous in a way that is relatable. Medina is the kind of friend, teacher, and community leader we all want to have in our corner powerfully coaching us through life’s milestones.

Medina definitely subscribes to the perspective that we all have the ability to uplift each other. She’s quick to share generous inspo from her own story to remind all of us that we all really can pursue our dreams.

If you follow Dr Medina Culver on IG (and I recommend that you do!), you’ll see some of the great loves in her life. These include her meaningful work as a family physician, her adorable dogs, an active lifestyle, and her commitment to vulnerably sharing her story in order to educate and empower other people who are looking for ways to live their dreams.

Living one’s dreams is a life-long practice. One that began for Medina by seeing her parents as role models. Medina says, “I grew up watching my mom defy stereotypes in the late 1980s by being the first female partner in a CPA firm. She waited to start having children and through her work, she showed me at a young age how important it is for a woman to have a career. She instilled in me that I could be anything I wanted. My dad was the one who helped me decide to become a doctor.”

Medina is the first doctor in her family. Currently, Medina is a board-certified family practice physician specializing in preventative health care; she’s the Medical Director at Everside Health in the Las Vegas area. Her resume includes being an alum of Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in California (her first-choice school) and completing her family medicine residency at Montana Family Medicine, affiliated with the University of Washington.

Medina brings the enthusiasm she’s known for her to her work as a physician. She says, “I chose family medicine because I love my relationships with my patients. I love being able to sit down and actually talk with patients while knowing a little bit about everything. It allows me to help in so many areas of my patients’ lives and it truly is the best job!”

Medina is the doctor we all want to see, who checks in with many areas of her patients’ lives. She believes in educating people about the importance of diet and exercise for overall wellness and well-being. Her many success stories include helping people reduce dependance on medication and change their mindset through goal-setting. The foundation she helps people build for their empowerment and their wellness is found in healthy food, healthy movement, and healthy mindset.

That healthy mindset is something Medina puts into practice. She literally walks her talk.

With a love of the outdoors instilled at an early age, from growing up in Montana. In her current home in the Las Vegas area, some of her favorite hikes in the region include Red Rock and Mt Charleston….with excursions deeper in the desert to scenic Zion National Park. You may have seen her share some of these hikes on social media. So when you’re on retreat with Medina, expect some time walking!


What is something that you learned in medical school that impacts how you work with people?

I always suggest people begin with writing down their goals. Put those wishes in your minds on paper.

Then when you are sitting down with a healthcare provider or wellness advocate, you can plan how you can make small changes on a daily basis in order to hit those goals.

I think the first part is changing the mindset and believing that you can make these changes and that you deserve to be selfish with your health, both mental and physical. 

What are some practices that you suggest to your patients to integrate more wellness into their lives?

I think the most important things are to drink more water, eat less processed foods, and move your body. These are great starting points for physical and mental and emotional well-being and allow for an amazing foundation.

I don’t like fad diets that work on Instagram but nowhere else! Stay with what’s simple: Be aware of what you put in your body and take advantage of being able to move your body!

With all of the stress we are all experiencing in our lives today, what are some ways that people can integrate stress reduction in their daily routine? 

This can be as simple as getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and doing a simple morning meditation as well as writing 5 things that you feel grateful for today. We tend to want to remain in a negative, unhappy mindset. Something as simple as saying what you're grateful for can change your mindset, calm anxiety and reduce reactivity throughout the day. Taking those 5 to 10 minutes for yourself is a great way to approach each day with a positive mindset and grow as a person.

What are some of your go-to self-care practices for that stress reduction? 

Exercise is huge for me! Both my mind and my life are moving at 3,000 MPH. So for self-care, I actually schedule my workouts. Those are a must.

Getting outside for daily walks with my dogs is another go-to self-care practice. I put on my favorite music, turn off my cell phone notifications, and take 30 minutes to just listen to music, be outside and help my dogs.

Being with friends routinely is another great go-to; we set up dates weeks in advance because we are all busy! We have to make that time to make sure it happens.

Another self-care practice that is new for me is not giving something my energy or letting something steal my energy. I always remind myself that I can only control myself. Saying that over and over to myself is helpful when frustrations with daily stressors inevitably arise.

These are great self-care tips! Can you tell us about your daily routine for wellness?

During my daily morning coffee, I read a morning mantra that focuses on gratitude, positive energy, moving forward, and being open to new experiences. I also remind myself how lucky I am to be healthy, happy, and no longer letting people steal my energy who don’t deserve it.

Another thing I love doing is singing in the morning when I am running around getting ready. That always makes me laugh because I am an awful singer!

Is there anything you’re watching or reading these days?

I am reading a book now called Single on Purpose [by psychologist John Kim]. And I’ve been listening to [musical artist] Matt Kearney lately. Love his vibe.

What are you excited about sharing with people while taking them on a retreat? 

I am most excited to share my journey! On a retreat, I can vulnerable about all the stuff we try and hide from everyone and then teach other women to make that our power.

We get so focused on the, "Should be doings,” that we don’t stop to take a moment and reflect on the fact that our life is our own journey. Our life is not anyone else’s journey.