Valentine’s Retreat for Couples: White Lodge Resort - Cabo San Lucas



FEBRUARY 8-12, 2023 | $5,680 Per Couple (Custom payment options available) | SAVE $250 BOOK BEFORE 1/20/23 Code: LAYOGA

A very special romantic get-away has suddenly burst into luscious reality. You and your beloved are invited to embark on an adventure of intimacy and love where you’ll rediscover pleasure and surrender to bliss.

You’re invited to join me for a Valentine’s couples retreat unlike any other. The White Lodge Ocean View Escape, is a sustainable boutique hotel overlooking the Azul waters of the Sea of Cortés, an exotic private hideaway located just hours north of Cabo San Lucas, where the Baja peninsula meets the Sea of Cortés.

You’ll stay in one of the stunning ocean view cottages, surrounded by coastal vegetation. Each cottage features breathtaking minimalist interior design inspired by nature, private roof-top decks, terraces, indoor fireplaces, and private plunge pools or bathtubs.

During this 5-day, 4-night, retreat set in one of the most beautiful places in all of Mexico, you’ll be immersed in an all-inclusive experience designed to awaken your senses, ignite your bodies and deepen your love. You’ll be pampered with endless ocean views, passion-igniting tools and practices, unique ancestral wellness experiences, locally sourced menus, and eco-friendly amenities.You'll return each evening to your own private casita, to explore connection, passion and pleasure, then fall asleep to the sound of the surf.

In the days and nights of this, the ultimate Valentine’s retreat, you’ll discover that a thousand blissful moments make up an unforgettable experience. These are just a few of the practices, techniques and experiences that will expand your sense of sexuality, spirituality and intimacy as you surrender to bliss . . .

What to Expect

The Breath of Ecstasy
Enliven your body and awaken your sensuality with this timeless breathing practice designed to increase your full-body capacity for ecstasy, pleasure and connection.

Free Falling
Learn the art of letting go in high states of arousal, dissolving into bliss and meeting your full ecstatic potential. You will learn specific NeoTantra, bio-energetic and awareness practices for surrender.

Ceremonial Cacao
In Mayan cosmology the spirit of Cacao is sacred. Working with Cacao allows you to activate the ecstatic awareness in your heart, creating a bridge between love and desire. You’ll be guided through a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, awakening the
potential for ecstasy you instinctively know to be present in your relationship.

The Yoga of Love

Dissolve into the beauty of life and loving as you activate streams of ecstatic consciousness in your body through these yoga asanas for lovers. You’ll explore the strength and power of the sensual, as you discover waves of bliss that weave the two of you together - body, heart and spirit.

Ceremonia Temazcalli
Temazcal is an ancient ceremony. It is similar to the sweat lodge ceremonies of other cultures and was practiced by many Mesoamerican cultures. The word comes from the pre-Hispanic Nahuatl language and translates as “house of heat.” Mayans used Temazcal purify mind, body and spirit. You and your beloved will cleanse and awaken together, opening to a new experience of your connection.

Fire Breath Orgasm
An ancient Native American practice for igniting the seven chakras from root to crown; forging a pathway between earth and spirit. You will learn this powerful technique for opening and surrendering your body to the intense current of orgasm within you and throughout the cosmos.

Sacred Spaces Awaken your potential for living a life of ecstasy and surrender as you learn ways of focusing your awareness to create a space within you, around you, at home and in the world, where bliss is sustainable and expansive.

Seven Levels of Bliss
Discover the seven levels of orgasm, opening to higher and deeper experiences of desire in lovemaking. You will learn NeoTantra techniques that intensify desire and attraction, dissolving your bodies into bliss.

Heart 2 Heart
Melt into the intimacy that is possible when communication, truth and respect are the foundation of your practice. Experience a NeoTantra heart to heart connection, a loving foundation for trust, joy and desire.

Surrender to Bliss Gift Box Filled with romantic, sensual, sexy gifts to ignite your Valentine’s retreat with pleasure, passion and fun. Luxury intimacy gift items selected for couples in love by Dawn Cartwright herself. (Pleasure wands, aphrodisiacs, cbd- infused erotic oils and more.)

And much, much more. In true Latin tradition, you'll also have a long "siesta" each afternoon giving you abundant time to enjoy the sun, sand, surf . . . and each other.

"A tremendous change is happening on the planet. I have a feeling we are ready, at long last, to truly love.” ~ Dawn Cartwright


Dawn studied with Margo Anand, the author of "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" for 5 years and was licensed to teach the SkyDancing Tantra method in 1998.
Know as the “secret weapon,” Dawn works with hundreds of high-level couples therapists to reach breakthroughs with couples who wish to deepen their sexual connection.

Dawn has a degree in psychology from the University of California, Davis, along with extensive training in NeoTantra, Tantra, Bioenergetics, Meditation, and Yoga. She has studied many schools of Tantra including Sri Vidya Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Kashmirian Shivaic Tantrism and Tantric Kriya Yoga. Dawn has had the honor of receiving these transmissions from some of the most acclaimed tantric masters of modern times, Sri Amritananda Saraswati, Aditi Devi Ma, Margo
Anand, Daniel Odier, Bohdi Avinasha, and Osho.

Founder of the Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute located in Los Angeles, California, Dawn specializes in the cultivation of deep joy in the human body.


Wellness Nature Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Retreat. Rejuvenate Your Body; Mind and Spirit



The White Lodge is a boutique eco-luxury property with an enviable location on the east cape of Los Cabos. The secluded sanctuary of 10 Zen-chic cottages offers discerning travelers an off-the-beaten path getaway that is the epitome of serenity and tranquility. Just a 10-minute walk to the pristine Cabo del Este beaches, The White Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez while enjoying the cultural-focused wellness retreats and offerings at the Zenica Spa. The resort’s Azul Cortés restaurant features gourmet Baja wellness cuisine with outdoor seating overlooking the water.


Four Nights/Five Days at The White Lodge

All Meals and Beverages (excluding alcohol and snacks)

All Details within the Itinerary

All Taxes and Gratuities


Ground Transfers


Surrender to Bliss : Valentine’s Retreat for Couples : Cabo San Lucas

Wednesday, February 8th

Arrive . . . check-in . . . walk on the beach . . . book a massage . . . turn off technology.

4:30pm Welcome Ceremony . . . overview of the retreat . . . introductions . . . intention setting.

6:00pm Dinner . . . exotic flavors sourced from local farmers and fishermen . . . a sensual feast.

7:00pm Unwind . . . on your own, time just for the two of you . . . a moonlit walk on the beach . . .stargazing . . . deep, restful sleep.

Thursday, February 9th - Saturday, February 11th

Early morning . . .
you are awakened by sounds of nature as the sun gently rises above the Sea of Cortés.

7:00am Morning Meditation . . . awakening body, heart and spirit with dynamic breath, movement and sound.

8:30am Breakfast . . . mango bowls, cinnamon pancakes, chilaquiles, fresh juices and smoothies . . .overlooking the sea.

10:00am Morning Session . . . the breath of ecstasy . . . the yoga of love . . . seven levels of bliss . . . and more.

12:30pm Lunch . . . locally-sourced, mexican-mediterranean fusion . . . loving you from the inside out.

1:00pm Siesta . . . time for . . . the beach . . . a massage . . . a nap . . . the luxury of uninterrupted time alone with your beloved.

4:00pm Afternoon Session . . . free falling . . . fire breath orgasm . . . heart-2-heart . . . and more.

6:30pm Dinner . . . farm-to-table philosophy . . . the freshest ingredients in the region . . . sourced from our organic garden or local farmers. . . an unrivaled culinary experience.

7:30pm Evening Session . . . bonfire ritual on the beach . . . sensual massage . . . neotantra lovemaking practices . . . and more.

Early Night . . . relax . . . unwind . . . dream blissful dreams.

Sunday, February 12th

8:30am Breakfast . . . mango bowls, cinnamon pancakes, chilaquiles, fresh juices and smoothies . . . overlooking the sea.

10:00am Closing Circle . . . integration . . . celebration . . . gratitude and goodbyes.

11:30 am Depart . . . bringing the bliss home with you.


For any type of payment plan beyond the $750 deposit and balance due, please e-mail  We are happy to set up a customized plan for you.